Overview of Doctrines

The doctrines of Daesoon Jinrihoe are summarized as follows:

The Tenets are
Virtuous Concordance of Yin and Yang,
Harmonious Union between Divine Beings and Human Beings,
Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence,
Perfected State of Unification with Dao

The Four Cardinal Mottos are
Quieting the mind, Quieting the body, Reverence for heaven, and Cultivation.

The Three Essential Attitudes are
Sincerity, Respectfulness, and Faithfulness.

We Aim to
Based on the above Daesoon Truth,
Disseminate Sangje’s virtues throughout the world,
Save all creatures, support the nation, comfort the people, and
Create an earthly paradise
Through the renovation of human beings and the re-creation of inner-spirit.


The tenets are core teachings and the right directions which lead to the aims of Daesoon Jinrihoe.

Virtuous Concordance of Yin and Yang (Eumyang-hapdeok) Harmonious Union between Divine Beings and Human Beings (Sinin-johwa) Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence (Haewon-sangsaeng) Perfected State of Unification with the Dao (Dotong-jingyeong)
Virtuous Concordance of Yin and Yang
This refers to the harmonious and balanced integration of the virtues of yin and yang in order to bring about ideal relations among all beings or things in existence throughout the universe.

All things in the universe form pairs because they always exist in relationships of relativity. Namely, each phenomenon has its own counterpart. They are referred to as ‘yin and yang.’ Some examples of this include, light, and darkness, heaven and earth, divine beings and human beings, soul and body, and other such complementary polarities. However, the Former World was a world of oppressed yin and revered yang wherein
yin and yang had fallen into a bias favoring yang. Consequently, yin and yang fell into conflict with one another.

Therefore, this tenet is undertaken to create concordance and harmony between all kinds of yin and yang pairings in the universe while also preventing them from bias or conflict against one another. For instance, all social or human relations, such as those between nation and individual, parent and child, and husband and wife, are necessarily relationships characterized by mutual dependence. Yet, these relationships are often subject to conflict and disharmony.

Therefore, the ‘Virtuous Concordance of Yin and Yang,’ in terms of social or human relations, refers to the resolution of these conflicts and the creation of a harmonious state wherein human beings truly collaborate and help one another achieve mutual beneficence.
Harmonious Union between Divine Beings and Human Beings
This means that divine beings and human beings can come to depend on each other in a harmonious and complementary way so that they eventually renovate themselves into ideal beings.

The human mind is an invisible gate and pathway through which all kinds of spirits (including divinities, common spirits, or even demons) come in and out. Some of them might be good whereas others might be evil. Through our cultivation process, those evil spirits who have a karmic connection with the affected individual could gradually be renovated and transformed through mutual beneficence to no longer harbor any grudges or grievances.

This is a crucial part of the ‘Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence.’ In this way, spirits and humans can be purified and ultimately gain enlightenment alongside one another. And once enlightened, humans will no longer be
affected by evil spirits and will be able to harmonize with divine beings, and this ultimately leads to the state of ‘Perfected Unification with Dao.’ Ultimately, they can contribute to the opening up of the Later World of Earthly Paradise by bringing about various mystical events. In order to achieve this state, it is integral for human beings to have guidance or help from divine beings during their cultivation process. By doing so, the divine beings who interact with human beings can gain merit as well.

However, it cannot be easily attained unless the human mind has been sincerely set upon saving all the sentient beings who have been plagued by their own grievances and grudges. In other words, this state is only attainable once a person's mind has achieved consistency with the mind of the Supreme God; the mind of the One who descended to Earth to save the whole world.
Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence
This includes the whole process of resolving grievances or grudges held by or against divinities, people, and all things as well as the process of preventing them from ever arising again in the future.

Generally, people provoke grievances or grudges against others (Cheok)’ through their vanity and limitless greed. These grievances or grudges may have been created in either our present life or past lives. They are the main source of the misfortune that prevents us from succeeding in life and achieving happiness.

However, in order to achieve the perfect ‘Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence (Haewon Sangsaeng)’, we need to adjoin it to the concurrent practice of the ‘Grateful
Reciprocation of Favors for Mutual Beneficence (Boeun Sangsaeng)' in our daily lives. This means 'not disregarding the beneficence others bestowed upon you and promoting the betterment of others.' Namely, when you receive beneficence from others, it must be repaid in the future, and going further, even enemies should be loved as benefactors while one promotes the betterment of others by living a life of mutual beneficence.

In this manner, if humans cultivate deeply enough, they can eliminate selfishness, achieve innate conscience, and create harmony with others. Once all the age-old grievances and grudges among humans as well as between humans and spirits are resolved, we can realize the ultimate peace and harmony for humankind on this earth.
Perfected Unification with Dao
This means that humans and the entirety of the Three Realms reach a perfected and truly enlightened state. Once mind and body have become perfectly clean and pure without any grievances through cultivation, one can be completely unified with great divinities and eventually reach human perfection. The Three Realms of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity will likewise be elevated into the highest dimension. Those who reached this state will have a thorough and full understanding of all things in the universe with the ability to do anything they wish. By doing so, an everlasting paradise will eventually come to arise in this world.


Creeds are the prerequisite conditions that Dao cohorts have to follow to achieve the aims of Daesoon Jinrihoe. The category of Creeds consists of 'Four Cardinal Mottos' and 'Three Essential Attitudes.' They appear as follows:
Quieting the Mind
The mind controls your conduct and behavioral functions. You should return to your innate conscience which is unbiased, unselfish, authentic, and pure so that you are not lured by others into vanity or distracted by futile desires either mentally or emotionally. Above all else, you should always quiet your mind to attain your ultimate goal.

Quieting the Body
The body manifests mental phenomena. You should conduct yourself in accordance with lawfulness and propriety and adhere to ethical norms. Furthermore, you should not act out of vanity, as doing so is contrary to righteousness and propriety.

Reverence for Heaven
Being careful in all of your actions, you should never forget – even when you are asleep – to keep your mind focused on serving Sangje. Aware of Sangje’s omnipresent closeness, you should never neglect your duty to revere Him and serve Him with utmost sincerity.

You should deeply settle your body and mind and then gather your spirit in close attendance to Sangje refining this spirit-energy in your dantian (丹田, elixir field). In order to attain spiritual mastery, you should continually recite incantations with utmost sincerity, giving rise to singular-focus in reverence of and service to Sangje.
Dao cohorts aim to contribute to the transformation and salvation of all sentient beings by achieving full integration with divine spirits within the state of ‘Self as the Dao and the Dao as Self.' In order to achieve this state, one needs to focus on maintaining a true and sincere heart-mind through which there can be eventual coordination and integration with divine spirits.
The heart-mind governs the body and commands all mental activities such as concerns or worries about oneself. Whether moving or sitting still, whatever goes through your mind is a product of your heart-mind. Everything comes to exist after first being in your mind, and conversely, nothing can come to exist if it had not been in your mind previously.
Therefore, sincerity means maintaining a heart-mind that is ever attentive and continually focused so as not to become insufficient but instead, demonstrate earnestness in one's practice of spiritual cultivation.

When the body moves upon receiving the activation from the mind, you should undertake any and all the actions in accordance with propriety. This is respectfulness. In other words, it is conducting yourself with utmost decencies in your behavors or activies, especailly in ritual ceremonies.

Once you make up your mind, be consistent and remain unaffected by gain and loss, right and wrong, favoritism and dependency. Do not say “two” if there is “one,” and do not say “three” based upon the mere appearance of “three.” Do not say “this” when referring to “that,” or “back” when referring to “front.”
Be as steadfast as the four seasons and as constant as day and night have been throughout time immemorial, and be as immovable as the unaltered rivers and mountains have been throughout countless epochs. Keep completing your tasks as if you approach due dates and work within agreed-upon limits. Keep moving forward with the greatest devotion by committing yourself to reach the zenith of your practice. Only these mindsets make our purposes enabled to be achieved. Those mindsets are referred to as faithfulness.


There are six aims in Daesoon Jinriohoe. However, these aims form pairs. The paired aims are interrelated with each other. The ones which appear second are achieved based upon the first one. In other words, it is through former aims that the latter are able to be achieved. These aims can serve as the best description of our identity and also as the best summary of the vision of Daesoon Jinrihoe.
Guarding against self-deception – Re-creation of inner-spirit
'Guarding against self-deception' means securing a state untainted by self-deception through cultivation. This is a crystal-clear state of mind. In order to achieve this, we have to restore our authentic heart-minds just as they are without fabrications.

‘Guarding against self-deception’ literally means ‘do not deceive yourself.’ However, it does not merely mean ‘do not tell lies,’ but rather, it includes directing our emotions or
thoughts towards fostering mutual understanding and eventually finding harmony with others in every aspect of our cultivatory lives. This is because the heart-mind is the gate and pathway through which all kinds of spirits (both divines and evils) enter and exit.

Once our heart-minds are unlocked based on 'Guarding against self-deception', all affected sprits both active and even dormant can easily reveal themselves. Their presence can serve as a momentum to resolve their grievances or grudges through the merits of the ‘Great Dao of the Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence’ revealed by the Supreme God, Sangje. He taught ‶Resolving evil is a major means of carrying out My work. A man who follows Me shall first encounter the action of hidden evil. If he withstands the suffering of that evil well, his grievances shall be resolved″ (Dharma 2:15 in The Canonical Scripture, Jeongyeong).

The heart-minds of human beings have gradually deteriorated due to the time humans spent dominated by the principle of mutual contention. Consequently, all people and also spirits fell into severe deviation from their innate consciences and original states of purity. All the while, the grievances and grudges that affect humanity have continued accumulating. Our nature and dispositions are negatively affected by those factors that come to embed the grievances and grudges deep into our hearts and eventually gain manifestation in our bad habits and behaviors.

Therefore, the task of resolving grievances by enlightening all related spirits requires cultivation based on ‘Guarding against Self-deception.’ When this is done, the grievances in which we were entangled become eligible for resolution. This means that those spirits who negatively affect us will begin to awaken into enlightenment and ultimately, our own spirits will be renovated. By doing so, we can also correct our bad habits and behaviors, and furthermore, even our mental and physical disorders can also come to be rectified.

Through this process, we can gradually restore our innate conscience to reflect our noble human nature bestowed upon us by Heaven. That nature is a state of crystalline purity free from avarice and selfishness. Other accompanying aims can then be achieved in sequential order. Consequently, ‘Guarding against self-deception’ is the only mean by which human beings can purify and enlighten their heart-minds leading into the re-creation of inner-spirit.
Realizing earthly immortality – Renovation of human beings
An ‘Earthly Immortal’ is a perfected and ideal human being who has attained ultimate divine status and transcended aging and death through the cultivation of Daesoon Truth. This new human being is a Dao-Empowered Sage (Dotong-gunja), who is unified with divinities via reciprocal response. As such, earthly immortals are in a state of ‘Harmonious Union between Human Beings and Divine Beings (Sinin-johwa).’ Some human beings alive today will eventually achieve earthly immortality, and this is also referred to as the ‘Renovation of Human Beings.’
This renovation is undertaken so that humans can be remade perfectly and reach immaculate optimization in both their disposition and physical constitution through practicing Daesoon Truth. Such humans will emerge as the leaders of the Earthly Paradise of the Later World.
Creating an earthly paradise – Re-creation of the World
An ‘Earthly Paradise’ is a world enlightened through Dao, wherein everyone will be as one family. This will enable people to be governed in reasonable and rational manner rather than through power or punishment. All will live in perfect harmony without any conflict and struggle. Those in government service, being moderate and rational, shall not have more honor than they deserve. People will no longer be subject to agony or distress caused from their resentment, avarice, or lewdness. They will free themselves from suffering caused from disease and sickness and the burial process after dying.
They will never age and never die. In addition, there will no longer be any distinction between the rich and the poor. People will come and go as they please. With Heaven being lowered, people will ascend and descend at their will; and even be able to go into the Ninth Heaven. Also, their wisdom will be so profoundly illuminated that they will be well-versed with the past, present, and future and all worlds of both humans and divine beings. The three disasters of flood, fire, and wind shall cease to be.

Eventually the world will become literally an Earthly Paradise full of auspicious and propitious energy. The current world shall be re-created into that earthly paradise, and that process is also referred to as the ‘Re-creation of the World.’ This re-creation is undertaken to greatly open up a new world of universal harmony and perfect Mutual Beneficence shared among all of humanity and all spirits as well.