Ethical Rules

1. Provide benefit to your country and happiness to its citizenry by obeying national laws and observing moral standards.

2. The three bonds and the five cardinal relationships’ are the foundation for the virtuous concordance of yin and yang, the creation of all things in the universe, and the establishment of the moral order. Therefore, practice filial piety toward your parents, render devoted service unto your nation, maintain familial peace through marital harmony, show respect to your elders as you show love and sympathy to those you lead, and be trustworthy toward your friends.

3. Do not deceive yourself. This is the golden rule for disciples. Therefore, do not deceive your conscience, or delude the world or deceive the citizenry through your speech, nor do anything unethical or unreasonable.

4. Do not provoke others to hold grievances against you on account of your words or deeds. Win goodwill through great kindness. Do not mind if others are unaware of your virtues.

5. Improve through constant reflection upon your potential excesses and deficiencies.