What is the ‘Daesoon Jinri (Daesoon Truth)’?

A Novel Approach to Secure Eternal Peace & Harmony for Humankind

The ‘Great Creator and Supreme God of the Ninth Heaven (Gucheon Daewon Johwa Jushin)’ who presides over the Three Realms (Heaven, Earth, and Humanity) with great authority, made a Great Itineration around the whole world and then came to reside in a Golden Icon of Maitreya Buddha in Geumsansa temple at Moak mountain in Jeonju, North Jeolla province, Korea. After spiritually inhabiting that icon for 30 years, He finally descended into the human world as Kang Jeungsan and carried out the ‘Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth (Cheonji-gongsa).’ These Works were undertaken to rectify the disorder of the chaotic universe, realign Heaven and Earth into their proper order, and open up the eternal Earthly Paradise of the Later World. This will ultimately lead to the universal salvation of divine beings, spirits, and humanity. Previously, they were in a devastated state wherein divine beings and human beings found themselves unable to communicate with one another and divine beings could not even properly communicate among themselves. Consequently, humanity had fallen into all kinds of devastating calamities.

Those problems they faced had all been caused by the accumulated grievances and grudges which had amassed gradually since time immemorial. These grievances and grudges had taken deep roots throughout various worlds including human worlds, divine (or spirit) worlds, and even invisible microscopic worlds all throughout the entirety of the infinite universe. The occurrence of those grievances was simply the result of the principle of mutual-contention that ruled and prevailed over all things, people, and divinities in the Former World. In order to resolve these problems, the Supreme God generated an unprecedented and extraordinary solution that only He could have created. Namely, He made divine beings cooperate with human beings, and they thereby guided one another and engaged in mutual beneficence (Shinin-uido) so as to resolve all grievances and grudges (Haewon).

The completion of this resolution will be achieved through the application of the principle of reciprocating favors out of gratitude (Boeun). Now, through the practice of the two principles of the ’Resolution of Grievances’ and the 'Grateful Reciprocating Favors', all the grievances and grudges are set to be resolved. In addition, in order not to cause further grievances, we need to serve one another in gratitude and promote the betterment of others (Sangseng). By doing so, the whole world will be gradually enlightened, all the various forms of mutual-contention and hatred will subside, and an Earthly Paradise of the Later World will emerge. This is what we call 'Daesoon Truth (Daesoon Jinri).’ This is an unprecedented and unique truth revealed by the Supreme God, Kang Jeungsan, which had never been known previously in the human world. He achieved this throughout His nearly forty-year life by means of the ‘Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth.' After the completion of these Great Works, Sangje Kang Jeungsan passed into Heaven as a transcendental Being and then returned to the throne of the highest God in the highest Heaven. He is none other than the Supreme God of the Ninth Heaven (Gucheon Sangje).

Daesoon Jinrihoe was established in 1969 in order to revere and practice the teachings of Lord of the Dao, Jo Jeongsan, who inherited and upheld Sangje’s great will and aspiration throughout his fifty years of religious activities. These teachings consist of Tenets, Creeds, and Aims, which are the essence of Sangje’s Daesoon Truth. Through training and devoting ourselves to the realization of these teachings, we can reach the true state of ‘Self as the Dao and the Dao as Self.’ Eventually, once we are fully enlightened to the Dao, we will see all things clearly, be endowed with the knowledge and wisdom needed to fully understand everything in the universe beyond space and time, and even be empowered to do all things in accordance with our wills. This state is called Dotong (Spiritual Mastery) which is, in other words, ‘Absolute Spiritual Enlightenment’ or ‘Perfected Unification with the Dao.’ We are now sharing this vision to encourage all people who are inspired by our message or feel a karmic connection with us to join Daesoon Jinrihoe which aims at actualizing the ‘Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence’ and creating an Earthly Paradise.

The Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence

The Lord of the Dao (Doju) set methods of cultivation based on the ideas contained in the Supreme God (Sangje)’s Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth. Through these methods, humans can participate in Heavenly Work and in return for this virtuous deed, they can transform themselves into perfected human beings. In other words, if humans take part in The Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth and serve the will of Sangje, they can have divinities enter into their minds to help re-create their spirits and renovate them into new human beings.

However, the renovation of oneself are not merely confined to only ourselves. As it is said in the Jeon-gyeong, “The center of the universe is the human mind” (天地之中央心也, Progress of the Order 1:66) and “It is the human mind that determines the way how Heaven, Earth, and Humans use their virtues.” (天用地用人用統在於心, Acts 3:44). The human mind is not separate from nature, but herein it can be known to be the hub of all things that is connected to the entire universe. This means that humans are connected to all tangible and intangible beings that inhabit all microscopic and macroscopic worlds beyond and within time and space.

There are enmities and resentments that have piled up over unfathomably long ages. These are the results of frequent episodes of misconduct triggered by the principle of mutual-contention that characterized the Former World. These grievances and grudges were deeply rooted in the microscopic world including even our own cellular structure, and this is also connected with macroscopic worlds such as Heaven and Earth. Thus, as the microcosm and macrocosm are connected as one in their yin and yang relationship, if we enlighten our minds through our cultivation in order to resolve all grievances and grudges, then the whole universe will begin to change itself into a world of mutual-beneficence (Sangsaeng). Hence, it should be understood that the Supreme God (Sangje) performed the ‘Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth’ to resolve all grievances and grudges while merely using one instrument: the human mind.

Therefore, there have existed all kinds of beings (from both microscopic and macroscopic worlds beyond time and space) who are negatively affected and plagued by our previous misconduct and transgressions. They can include grudge-harboring spirits or any negative atmospheric situations caused by or related to ourselves throughout countless cycles of incarnations starting from time immemorial. Thereby, these beings have become deeply rooted in our own minds and bodies while bearing grievances and grudges that have been accumulated against us. They have been dormant or sometimes even active in our minds and bodies in the form of energy (qi). Also, these beings, and we too, are interrelated and interconnected with Heaven and Earth as an organic body. While realizing these facts, one should thereby know and believe that Sangje came to human world as a Grievance-Resolving God (Haewon-sin) and should endeavor to resolve all grievances and grudges through utmost sincerity and faithfulness towards Sangje.

Only after all of these realizations are embraced and performed, are we then able to finally enlighten all these entangled beings that affect our minds and bodies as grudge-harboring spirits and free them from any obstructions that they face in their own dimensions. This is what we call the ‘Resolution of Grievance for Mutual-beneficence (Haewon- Sangsaeng)’ and this is how we gradually transform ourselves. If this is done, then the whole world can finally be transformed into the Earthly Paradise of Mutual-beneficence. This process is called the ’Great Opening to the New World (Gae-byeok).’

When the universe has been newly opened in this way, all the walls that have been blocked during the Former World will become one revealing the Earthly Paradise of the Later World (Hucheon-seon-gyeong) wherein there are no blockages in dimensional walls. This is the ultimate purpose for which Sangje descended into human world and carried out The Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth (Cheonji-gongsa). However, the completion of the Reordering Works of Sange has now been left in our own hands. According to His saying, “Heaven designs the plan for a given work (謀事在天), and humans realize and complete that work (成事在人).” This is why it is absolutely important for humans to realize this context and, with this in mind, put all their efforts into resolving all grievances and grudges whether dormant or active within themselves.

Consequently, it is commonly believed that most existing religions advocate seeking eternal blessings and pleasure in a heavenly paradise after death even though suffering must simply be endured in the present life. For such religionists, this is the final purpose of their beliefs which will be realized only after death. Conversely, Daesoon Truth gradually perfects our surrounding physical environment including ourselves through cultivation in this lived reality, and this eventually frees us from all forms of suffering in our present lives.

The true act of Gratefully Reciprocating Favors (Boeun) first involves realizing that Sangje resides within oneself and that we live within the body of Sangje, and then, devoting ourselves to fulfill our mission by resolving grievances and grudges for the mutual-beneficence of all life. That is the only true comfort that we can provide for Sangje.

The Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth

‘The Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth' were a series of reconstruction projects directed at the former state of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. These Works were performed by the Supreme God (Sangje) in order to reform the nature of the old Heaven and Earth ruled by mutual contention and to optimize old Humanity into a new form suited to the Earthly Paradise of Later World.

The Great Works were performed exclusively through Sangje’s intervention in the divine world to reorganize its order and let all deities work in harmony. The result of the Great Works has already manifested in the current world and can be observed in more and more cases and events as time unfolds. Whether historical or current, these happenings occur in accordance with the Degree Numbers of Heaven and Earth (Cheonji-dosu) and such cases and events will continue arising in this manner until the opening of the Later World.

The Great Works, performed by Sangje from 1901 to 1909, were mainly focused on setting up the means by which all kinds of grievances and grudges that had overwhelmed the Three Realms (Heaven, Earth, and Humanity) could be resolved and never allowed reemerge. Sangje performed the Reordering Works through ‘Principles Outside of Our World’, which means that they were not performed in the human world but in the spiritual world. As such, they could hardly be understood by people as they represented an unprecedented new law. He worked within the spiritual realm and made it so that divinities and spirits could be the first to attain the resolution of their own grievances and grudges.

The Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth were preferentially performed as acts of celestial and terrestrial renovation. The major Great Works that rectified Heaven were the replacement of the head deities of the netherworld as they had been the cause of chaos in the human world, the replacement of the masters of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism which were the basis of cultures in the Former World, and the resolution of Danzhu’s grievance as he was the first to bear a truly unbearable grudge in recorded human history. The major Great Works that reorganized Earth were: Taking the essence of all cultures and bringing them into unity with one another, changing and unifying the energy of Earth, and enabling commodities and currencies among nations and villages to be exchanged freely. All of these Great Works were performed to enable the world to be elevated into a favorable environment in which human life could easily improve. From there, human nobility could finally be achieved. This was only possible through resolving the grievances and grudges of the spirit world on a preferential basis.

Meanwhile, through Sangje’s great authority, the forms of disorder that had catastrophically affected Heaven and Earth were set to be rectified gradually and thoroughly. However, what now remains is humanity’s own part, which must be performed by humanity itself for the sake of its own renovation. In other words, they cannot rely on any other being for this renovation but have to carry on spiritual practices in order to cultivate their minds and bodies so that all their grievances and grudges (known as ‘negative karma’ in Buddhist terminology) can be resolved and cleared away to restore the pristine nature of their innate conscience.

However, what made this renovation possible for humans was the Reordering Works of Sangje that enabled great deities to enter into human minds and help people correct their dispositions and personalities (Shinin-uido). With this principle, one can obtain ‘the cultivation of mind and discipline of character (Sushim-yeonseong)’ while ‘purifying and refining one's energy and essence (Segi-yeonjil).’

In summary, the Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth conducted by Sangje were a celestial and cosmic plan to renovate the outdated states of the Three Realms (Heaven, Earth, and Humanity) governed solely by mutual contention into a renewed kind of Three Realms governed entirely by mutual beneficence. The renovated Three Realms propel spirits, deities, humans, and other all living things into an everlasting Earthly Paradise, wherein they can enjoy blissful lives during the Later World of 50,000 years.