Three Major Societal Works


To put its principles into practice, Daesoon Jinrihoe has promoted the ’Three Major Societal Works’ of Charity Aid, Social Welfare, and Education more actively and systematically from 1972. Almost 70% of all monthly donations made by its members are allotted to fund these works. As of year 2014, the amount spent on these works totaled 680 million dollars in total. Due to these major works, Daesoon Jinrihoe is recognized for its contributions to the nation and society.

Charity Aid

Charity Aid is an activity which supports the victims of natural disasters and helps people in need. Since its early days, Daesoon Jinrihoe has carried out various Charity Aid Works based on the teachings of Park Wudang who said, “Do your best to give love and hope to people neglected from society by helping them to rehabilitate and begin new lives on their own.”

Since the foundation of the Daesoon Men's Association and the Daesoon Women’s Association in 1981, the religious body has been continuously providing aid to orphans, the disabled, and neglected children while giving out daily necessities to low income neighborhoods and participating in campaigns to support flood victims. In 2009, it began overseas charity aid in Kenya and Ethiopia such as digging wells and providing relief supplies.

In 2013, Daejin International Volunteers Association (DIVA) was launched and since then, it has engaged in more systematic and diverse activities such as helping seniors by delivering food to their homes, hanging new wallpaper and installing linoleum flooring, and by making other home repairs. Also, the association has provided for the underprivileged through the donation of heating fuels and medical goods while restoring flood-damaged houses. Its volunteer work is now expanding to foreign countries including Vietnam and Mongolia by providing supplies to nursing homes, orphanages, and child care centers as well as building houses for the disabled.

(Daejin International Volunteers Association)
Daejin International Volunteers Association is an affiliated body of Daesoon Jinrihoe which dedicates itself to Charity Aid Works. Being aware that salvation by faith is the quintessence of religion and its realization is to aid and relieve people in need, DIVA endlessly exerts itself in many fields to aid the underprivileged and lead them to the joy of rehabilitation.

DIVA was launched on August 1, 2013 and was selected as one of the outstanding volunteering organizations of 2014 in Gyeonggi Province. It was also chosen as a Designated Donation Body by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in 2015. Next year, it was registered as an NGO in the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs to expand and continue outreach for the underprivileged not only domestically but also internationally.
For more information, please visit DIVA’s website (

Social Welfare

The inspiration for social welfare works began with the following words of Dojeon: "We are indebted to our nation and society for our security and comfort. So you should promote the development of society through earnestly fulfilling your duties as a citizen." The works are divided into two parts: Medical Enterprises and Welfare Enterprises.

Medical Enterprises
(Bundang Jaesaeng Hospital)
Medical enterprises are aimed at realizing the religious ideologies of Daesoon Jinrihoe. With the establishment of its Medical Foundation, Daesoon Jinrihoe is committed to improving people’s health through research and the development of healthcare treatment as well as human resource training.

After the establishment of Daejin Medical Foundation in December 1992, Bundang Jesaeng Hospital was built in August 1998. The hospital is equipped with various cutting edge facilities such as 3D angiography devices, Dental Panorama CT, and other such high tech features. The hospital has a capacity of 760 beds and features 35 departments.

In August 2015, the ‘International Medical Volunteer Corps’ was launched to offer medical services to Koreans and local people living in poor conditions in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, Dongducheon Jesaeng Hospital (1,500 beds) and Goseong Jesaeng Hospital (500 beds) are currently under construction.

Welfare Enterprises
(Daesoon Jinrihoe Welfare Foundation)
The Daesoon Welfare Foundation was established in June 2007 in order to realize social well-being according to the doctrine of Mutual Beneficence. In order to meet the welfare needs of seniors, Daesoon Jinrihoe built a social welfare complex in Yeoju back in October of 2009. It includes a Geriatric Hospital, Elderly Nursing Facilities, and an Elderly Welfare Center which can accommodate 140 people, 170 people, and 30 people respectively.

In particular, Daejin Elderly Nursing Facilities is widely recognized as an excellent model due to its Family Care System. It has been awarded the highest score, an A grade, for both service and facilities from the National Health Insurance Corporation each year starting in 2013. Garnering much attention from abroad as well, Daejin Elderly Nursing Facilities has also come to receive many visitors from China and Vietnam in recent times.


Daesoon Jinrihoe established its Educational Foundation in 1984 to actualize the words of Dojeon: “It is our goal to provide a well-rounded education characterized by the cultivation of morality and a law-abiding spirit, and additionally enable students to develop sound minds and bodies. Thus, we should put much effort into raising talented people who will meet the demands of this age and make contributions to the public and to national interests.”

Educational Foundation
The educational works of the religious body started with an anti-illiteracy movement in its early days and developed as years went by. According to the long-term plan, the religious body established one university and six high schools, which include Daejin University (1992), Daejin High School, Daejin Girl's High School, Bundang Daejin High School, Daejin Design High School, Ilsan Daejin High School, and Busan Daejin High School of Electronics and Telecommunications.

In particular, Daejin University is taking the lead in boosting the local industry by building ‘Gyeonggi-daejin Tech Park’ with the local governments of Gyeonggi Province and Pocheon City. Also, it is focused on raising talented global citizens by supporting students to study abroad at two low-cost overseas campuses in Harbin and Suzhou, China.

Daesoon Scholarship Foundation
In 1976, the Daesoon Scholarship Foundation was launched based on the following words of Dojeon: “Expand the amount of scholarship on a yearly basis in order to cultivate talented individuals for the benefit of the nation as well as for our religious body.”
Scholarships are granted to excellent students from needy families twice a year. They are awarded under many different names: ‘Scholarship for Exemplary Students,’ ‘Scholarship for Honor Students,’ ‘Scholarship for Junior and High School Children of Daesoon Jinrihoe Members,’ and ‘Scholarship for Students of Daejin University.‘ As of 2015, the total value of the scholarships granted was nearly 43 million dollars.

Daejin Youth Training Center
Daejin Youth Training Center was built to realize a well-rounded education. The facility is a four story building with a basement and it can accommodate 200 people. For the purpose of raising truthful future generations, the center has run various educational programs since its opening in March of 2013. The religious programs include ‘Daesoon Youth Camps’, ‘Lectures for University Students’, ‘Religious Cultural Field Trips’ and ‘Truth Forums for Branch Members’.

There are two certified training courses for adolescents as well. One is a volunteering program called ‘Empathy and Sharing’ and the other one is called ‘Daejin Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Class.’ Furthermore, the center is preparing new programs for families of Daesoon Jinrihoe and the local adolescents.