Buildings in Temples



Bonjeon is the most sacred building housing ‘Yeongdae’ on its fourth and highest floor wherein the Supreme God of Kang Jeungsan and the other great fourteen deities have all been enshrined.
Inspired by Sangje’s declaration, “I am precisely Maitreya,” a statue of Maitreya Buddha was symbolically erected at Geumgangsan Toseong Training Temple Complex. In Buddhism, Maitreya is considered to be a buddha who will descend to this world in the future to deliver sentient beings out of suffering. This icon was constructed as a granite statue depicting a standing Maitreya Buddha. The statue is 18 meters high and depicts Maitreya wearing a heavenly crown upon his head.
Myeongsimdang is a building whose names signifies the meaning of ‘brightening one’s mind through spiritual cultivation.’
Jonguiwon is a location for meetings held by upper-level clergy and it also contains a cafeteria and multiple lodging halls.
Jongmuwon is a building wherein religious services are administered and the second floor contains a lecture room for Yeonsu Courses and lodging for male Dao cohorts attending Yeonsu.
An octagonal pavilion that houses Daewon Bell. The Daewon Bell here was modeled exactly after the specification of the Daewon Bell at Yeoju Headquarters Temple Complex: 27 tons, 2.3 meters in diameter, and 4 meters tall.
Pojeong Gate is a gate whose names carries the meaning of ‘correctly and vastly spreading the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.’ To the left of the gate, Noehwago (the Drum of Thunderbolt Transformation) has been installed, and to the right, the Ox Seeking Pictures (Simudo) appear as wall murals.
This pond is the sewage treatment plant of this temple complex. It was made to appear as a pond to be aesthetically pleasing.
Ilju Gate is the first gate a person comes through as they enter this temple complex. It features a tiled roof atop a row of columns and the gate has been decorated with Dancheong Paints.
Rest Hall is an area that was made for Dao cohorts to use as a rest place. This building houses places such as a spa, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and a seminar room.